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Mylene Night #04 Report: The Politics of Music

(c) Chie Kajiura

The fourth and final of Chie Kajiura’s birthday concerts for Macross 7’s Mylene Flare Jenius was many things. It was a recap of the previous concerts for those who might have missed them. It was the end of an event which had seen its numbers increase year by year. It was the beginning of a new type of semi-regular gig for Chie. Most importantly, it was a glimpse into the politics that go on behind the scenes of the Macross franchise. This did not make for a particularly good concert. What followed it, however, did.

Macross Crossover Live 30 Report

The following review comes from long-time SpeakerPODcast contributor, Richard. His excellent blog can be found here.


or, “I Didn’t Think They were Going to Sing ‘Lion,’ but Then BAM! Second Encore!”

I was feeling seriously crappy (nice little summer cold) and the concert hall was a 90-minute train ride away. Moreover, when I got there, my phone battery died. There were THIRTEEN THOUSAND people here… how the hell was I gonna find Tochiro, since he had my ticket?

Mylene Night #03 Report: Chie sings Macross Plus

February 2nd, 2013 was a date that will be remembered for many things. For one, it was the birthday of Mylene Jenius (-18!). Of course, this meant that Chie Kajiura held another one of her ‘Mylene Night’ concerts to commemorate Mylene’s birthday. Most importantly though, February 2nd 2013 was the day that Chie irrefutably claimed the title of Macross cover queen, something that most people had previously attributed to Megumi Nakajima.

How? Two words. Macross Plus.

Mylene Night #02 Report

The following report comes from SpeakerPODcast regular Renato. 

On February 2nd, 2012, Mylene Jenius celebrated her -19th (that’s MINUS nineteenth) birthday, and to celebrate, psychedelic goth rockin’ lady Chie Kajiura got together with her band and some other friends to perform in a second annual “Mylene Night” concert, consisting of INCREDIBLE renditions of Macross songs old and new.

Adrian, Gwyn and I scored some tickets and mosey’d on down to check it out.