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Tamashii Nation 2017

The annual Tamashii Nation toy show will be held at the UDX building in Akihabara from Dec.1-3 (with Dec.1 being business day and Dec.2-3 being open to the public).
But who wants to wait until then? The power of Bandai’s VF-2SS drew intrepid SNN reporter Adrian Lozano to the scene for a sneak peak before opening. He managed to snap the following gallery.
Bandai also had a Chogokin YF-19 and 1/48is (unconfirmed) VF-1J on the show floor, however photography of these two items was unfortunately strictly prohibited. Keep an ear to the ground for his full impressions in our next podcast.

Plasticmodel Rock Festival & BMC 2017

Two hobbyist modelling events were held today, “The Plasticmodel Rock Festival” and “Baka Modelers Company”. Small, local get-togethers, these events gave local modelers an opportunity to get together and show off both their skills and imagination.

The Plasticmodel Rock Festival focused on met plamo kits old and new, and included some amazing custom kits.

Baka Modelers Company, on the other hand, was targeted more towards military models of real-life aircraft, with a few pieces kits based on popular anime and a LOT of love given to the F-14 Tomcat.

The SpeakerPODcast Crew was on the show floor snapping away like crazy to get the following gallery together. Hope you enjoy them 🙂

Super Dimension Convention 2017

The inaugural Super Dimension Convention was held at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center in Torrance California, on Saturday October 28. From all accounts the event was a huge success thanks to a lot of hard work from the fans in bringing their own slice of Macross across the pond. The SpeakerPODcast will have a podcast up about it next week, but in the meantime we were fortunate enough to receive a bunch of photos, posted below with much gratitude – thank you, everyone!


The 7th annual DORO OFF modellers exhibit was held on from October 7 – 8 in Asakusabashi, Tokyo.

While Macross was not quite as well represented as in previous years, this show did include an amazingly customised Milia in her Queadluun-Rau, based on original Studio Nue design documents. Yamato was particularly well represented this year, with Yamato 2202 giving people an excuse to show off their love for the Andromeda – and show it off they did!

Softmap Macross Museum

Following on from the Macross Delta collaboration that was held earlier this year Softmap is currently holding a “Macross Museum” display at its No.1 Branch in Akihabara. Much of the Macross Delta merchandise that previously populated the display has been swapped out for some more vintage goods, mostly in pristine condition.

The following pictures were taken on September 10, 2017. I’ve also included some prototype Garland pics at the end – Arcadia currently has these on limited display on the 5th floor of the Radio Kaikan.