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SPEAKERPODCAST EP.132 – Absolute Explosion!

The SpeakerPODcast Crew is on the scene at this year’s All-Japan Model and Hobby Show to see the unveiling of the latest Valkyrie design and hear all the latest updates regarding next year’s Macross Delta Movie Absolute Live!!!!! (hence all the background noise, sorry ^^;)

Renato also joins us to talk about the recent BASARA EXPLOSION 2019 concert before we derail completely into a discussion about the recent Go Nagai And Isao Takahata exhibits.

Which was better? What IS the Mazinvalkyrie? And why won’t Karice put Uta Macross down long enough to finish the cast?

SpeakerPODcast EP.131 – Keep calm and watch Macross!

There’s been a lot of Macross news and rumors as of late, some good, some seemingly less so. What’s it all mean? This episode we sit down to talk all about it as well as catch up on all the recent happenings and events. Adrian, international-man-of-action that he is, drops by AX2019, San Diego Comicon and somehow still has time to find out the truth behind “Genesis Breakers Mospeada 2083″… or does he?

We also meet Hiroki “Ishtar” Kasahara, find out what Isamu Dyson is up to in the year 2067, discover the must-have Macross fanzine of the year (if not the decade), and experience Uta Macross in VR. All this and more in the latest episode of the SpeakerPODcast!