Mai Shiranui Popup Shop

Long-time listeners of the SpeakerPODcast may have noticed the soft spot that several of us have for retro games and retro game characters. Well, The Akihabara Container must have been listening, because their most recent popup  shop ticks all the right boxes. While they’ve previously held SNK and Samurai Shodown events, their latest popup shop is dedicated entirely to SNK’s originl nippon ichi gal herself, Mai Shiranui.
And by that, we mean the entire store is dedicated to Mai, in all her various versions and iterations over the years. How many videogame characters are popular enough to get their own store?

The popup shop features a giant Mai standee, prints of various fighting game win screens, original art, classic posters, apparel, various nick-nacks and, most importantly, NEO GEO LAND branded merch! Check out the photo gallery after the jump!

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